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Why learn how to use expensive, complicated avionics at a premium airplane rental when the technology is in the palm of your hand?

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TAA aircraft


You’re familiar with it. You already know how the systems work. All you need is the right applications.


View this interesting video of the iPad being used on a night approach to landing in a twin engine airplane.


The iPad can do everything $50,000 aircraft avionics can do and even better. Create a flight plan, overlay animated weather on a GPS moving map, check airport data and, most importantly, display nearby aircraft traffic all at the touch of a finger.

Garmin Pilot 11


Because software is continually evolving, it’s easy to upgrade your iPad with the latest features and software technology whereas avionics in airplanes are fixed and non-upgradable. Use your iPad with a multitude of different hardware and/or software applications that fit your needs.  It’s your iPad and the choices are phenomenal.



AOPA FlyQ Electronic Flight Bag


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Don’t I have to learn on the new aircraft avionics equipment to get my license?

No. Many flight training operations will scare a prospective student into believing that all General Aviation (GA) airplanes will have new avionics and it is important to learn to use. Don’t be mislead. This is not true. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) emphasizes the safety of aircraft operation, not the hottest selling gadgets. There is no FAA regulation or requirement that mandates the installation or use of any new software or avionics equipment (iPad or otherwise) to obtain your Private pilot license or any additional pilot ratings or licenses.

Why should I learn using the latest software or aircraft avionics if it is not required?

Learning with either of these systems is a matter of convenience and completely optional. You can learn to fly and get your license in a 1957 Piper Super Cub or a 2014 Cessna 172. Other than newer avionics equipment, it makes no difference. Believe it or not, the mechanical, electrical and avionics systems in small aircraft, whether new or old, are decades behind their automotive counterparts. New avionics do not add efficiency to the mechanical operation of the aircraft or make learning to fly easier. Nor do the avionics make you a better pilot. In any emergency situation, whether it is a small training aircraft or Boeing 777, the Pilot-in-Command must rely on their raw flying skills. THESE are the skills which will be tested to the breaking point by the FAA examiner and give you a satisfying feeling of accomplishment once you pass the exam.

I like the idea of flying with new aircraft equipment. I would think it’s like the new technology being used in today’s vehicles. What’s the advantage of using an iPad?

Cost. In most cases, to be comfortable with newer aircraft avionics, you may need to rent the aircraft for 10-20 additional hours. Another consideration would be the type of avionics installed in that aircraft. There are many, many aircraft avionics manufacturers that produce various types of units for aircraft – Garmin, Avidyne, Skyview to name a few. Getting into another aircraft is not as easy as driving your friend’s – friend’s rental car. You will be required to take additional training to rent another aircraft with a different model of avionics before you are allowed to rent the aircraft although you are an already licensed pilot.

This is where the advantage of using an iPad comes in. Take it in any airplane at any time. Best of all, take it home and learn. There is no longer a need to sit countless hours in an airplane pressing buttons and twiddling knobs to figure out the complexities of the avionics. You are in charge of your flight as Pilot-in-Command and the iPad is your Co-Pilot.

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